The choice of toilet floor drain is a very important point for families, because it is related to whether we can smell an inexplicable odor when using the bathroom. Now there is a kind of toilet floor drain which is very popular with the families. That is the invisible floor drain we are going to talk about today. What is the invisible floor drain? Is the invisible floor drain good?

The invisible floor drain is made of high-quality 304 stainless steel. It has tight structure, heavy weight, thick hand feel, and beautiful and generous products. In strict accordance with international material standards, it has high-strength anti-corrosion and anti-wear functions, good adhesion, uniform coating, thick visual sense, and bright surface color like a mirror.

The material is made of more than 8 nickel, with good corrosion resistance. The biggest difference between invisible floor drain and ordinary floor drain is aesthetics. Invisible floor drain can be completely hidden between floor tiles.

Advantages of invisible floor drain

1. Neat and beautiful: the invisible floor drain is a special product. Its basic structure is similar to that of the common floor drain, but the appearance can be completely matched according to the concave surface of the bathroom. When installing, install the floor drain on the concave surface and then cover it with an integral cover plate. There is a slender gap between the cover plate and the surrounding ceramic tiles to ensure smooth drainage.

In this way, the floor drain is completely hidden below, the floor of the bathroom looks more complete, and the whole room becomes more beautiful.

2. Smooth drainage: many people worry about the drainage problem of invisible floor drain. In fact, according to the use, its drainage effect is very smooth. Although the floor drain itself is not exposed to the ground, through ingenious installation, the cover plate forms a hidden gap with the surrounding ground.

In terms of household water use, no matter when bathing or when the washing machine drains, the water will not exceed the drainage capacity of the gap, so there will be no ponding and dirty water will not overflow outside the bathroom.

Post time: Feb-21-2022