We do things a bit differently, the initial contact is the beginning of our service and that's the way we like it!

OEM service factory in China
OEM service factory in China

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer):

Customer sends detailed requirements to our company--Customer provides engineering design drawings or chooses engineering design drawings made by our company according to requirements--Customers provide product standards or negotiate with our company to determine product standard------Our company prepares samples for customer confirmation---Small quantity trial production after sample confirmation------Trial production quality meet the standard------Customer places an order-Our company begins normal process production - Product inspection - Logistics delivery --- and follow-up services .

ODM (Original Design Manufacturer):

Customers send detailed requirements to our company - Our company sends the overall plan of making products according to customer needs ------ Modify according to customer feedback --- Customer confirmation ------ Our company prepares samples for customer confirmation --- Small quantity  trial production after sample confirmation ------ Trial production quality meet standard ------ Customer places an order ----- Our company starts the normal process of production-Product inspection-Logistics delivery--- Follow-up services