Protective packaging for different products

  • Single boxes: Yes, common export packaging
  • Logo Print: Yes, it's free
  • Special Design Print: Yes, customized available
  • Color boxes: Yes, customized available
  • Overlay packaging: Yes,save space save shipping cost
  • Matte white boxes: Yes, common export packaging
  • Glossy white carton: Yes, customized available
  • All in one boxes: Yes,common export packaging
  • Air-shipping boxes: Yes, stronger protect package
  • Express protective packaging: Yes,stronger protect package
  • Single pack with main box : Yes, common export packaging
  • 3-5pcs in one package: Yes, common export packaging
  • Product Detail

    Product Tags


    According to the different needs of each customer, we have corresponding protective packaging for each product to maximize the protection of the product, so that each product can reach the end user perfectly after a long period of transportation.

    Inner package

    After the product is completed, we need to carry out a primary protective inner packaging for each product to ensure that the surface of the product will not be scratched and bruised during the process of picking and placing, and to protect the perfection of the product

    Non-woven bags

    White bag print LOGO

    Blue plastic cover

    Clear plastic inner bag

    Clear plastic cover

    Black bag with or without LOGO

    Keep the laser cut protective film

    Molded plastic protective film

    Blister protection bag

    Bubble inner bag

    Various Protection Package

    To protect the surface of the product, we also need to protect the whole product. Before putting it in the carton or placing it on the pallet, we need to carry out the internal protective packaging of the product again. We will use mechanical foam corners, foam boards, honeycombs Cardboard, cardboard corner guards, cardboard guard strips or joint protection are used to protect the product again to ensure that the product is always in a safe position during transportation and arrives at the final use site intact.

    img (3)
    img (4)
    Six sides foam boards protector

    Six sides foam boards with strong paper corners

    Six sides foam boards with strong paper strips protector

    Four paper corners with strong paper strips protector

    Machine Foam corner protector

    Foam strips protector

    16 300x300mm inner size Rose Gold  Copper Stainless Steel Shower Niche Shelf for Household or Hotel 12x12x4 inch
    15 330x330 gold Build-in stainless steel recessed wall nich
    img (1)

    Machine Foam corner protector

    Various Protection Package

    General in Brushed,  Nano-Black, Nano-Silver, Nano-Gold, Nano-Copper, Nano-Rose Gold finish.PVD-Black,  PVD-Gold, PVD-Copper, PVD-Rose Gold finish, PVD-Gunmetal Black,PVD-bronze, Paint black, Paint White, Personalized granular black and Customer specified color. 

    Package: Various packages available!

    Working Process

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    Market and Shipping


    Motor Transport

    freight train

    Train Transportation


    Ocean Shipping


    Air Transport

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