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Is Bamboo Toilet Paper Completely Cracked?

None of us thought there would be so much talk about toilet paper since the start of the pandemic, when stock shortages and frantic buying made TP a hot commodity.In the midst of the confusion, you might even have considered alternatives, from bamboo paper to bidets, or you might be thinking about a replacement right now.

Bamboo toilet paper is touted by some as an eco-friendly option that’s still comfortable enough to use comfortably.It’s made from bamboo (obviously) rather than trees, and it requires fewer resources to grow, process and produce.Once you may have worried about TP scarcity, now you may worry about TP’s sustainability.Here’s what you need to know.

Generally speaking, yes.It is said that 1.5 pounds of wood and 37 gallons of water are required to make a roll of traditional toilet paper, while a roll of bamboo toilet paper uses no wood and less than a gallon of water.It’s also highly renewable: Bamboo grows like a weed — three feet or more in a day — and matures faster than trees, so we don’t need to cut down forests to wipe our butts.

Also, most bamboo toilet paper is made without the addition of chemicals or bleach, and is biodegradable, possibly breaking down faster than regular toilet paper (so it’s also good for your septic system ).

Toilet paper texture is a very personal preference.While you probably don’t need a thick, soft TP, you probably also don’t want to wipe with something that feels like sandpaper.One way to compare is to look at the number of layers, or layers per sheet.1-ply paper has one layer, while 3-ply paper has three layers.Thicker isn’t always softer — but it’s stronger and may require you to use fewer sheets.

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Bamboo toilet paper from companies like Tushy and Reel is 3-ply, and many reviewers of these brands and others on Amazon say the paper is strong and soft.It is also lint-free.
Regular toilet paper may be cheaper than bamboo TP or other recyclable options.By comparison, a 24-roll 3-ply roll bamboo toilet paper box with 300 sheets each costs $39.99 on Amazon.Quilted Northern’s 24-pack of 3-layer “Super Rolls” — 255 sheets each — sells for $27.55 at the time of writing.

A more immediate look: Roll paper is $0.55 per 100 sheets, while Quilted Northern is $0.45 per 100 sheets.By switching to 2-ply conventional paper, the cost per sheet has dropped even more.

Yes, bamboo toilet paper is a bit expensive.But if its sturdiness means you’re using fewer sheets per wipe, it’s probably a wash.